by Oh9 Productions

A throwback track with one of my favorite verses I've ever done to date. Featuring Chris Estrada and Dom Amey. I go 3rd. Give it a listen :)


Ya better check my vitals, I'm getting suicidal/ drown myself in H20 yo the flow is goin tidal/ You dudes just stay in idle, me I'm gone!/ shot sips at tree tip got me crossed like the bible/ and i'm a savage so phone home and call me tribal/ stays on top my paper like a title/ for rivals give me Midol cuz these 9 life lames is crampin' up my style/ period. Not/ I never stop I'm an author who only offers sixteen's/ that split spleens also gets 5150s/ in the E.R. you're not crazier than we are, we're/ ballin up in here no tears or ears but listen here/ get off my flows cuz this a private pier/ yup my letterin' is better than a veteranI'm Edison lit/ quips don't quit but for life I'm not equipped/ so go and grab a mit and catch me on my Suicidal Shit.

I have a whole collection of tracks I made in high school with my old homies. It serves as an auditory scrapbook, and when i flip thru it i am filled with nostalgia, inspiration and laughter. Creative Collaboration is truly a beautiful thing.