night out cover art.png

Night Out

by Mc Don't Speak & Tommy G

Smooth n Jazzy track produced by Dj Hush aka MC Don't Speak.
Download his project 'FRANKNSTEIN' here:
and look out for his new beat tape coming soon!

Also, 'The Tommy G EP: An Unbalanced Boy' is around the corner. Stay Tuned.

Verse 1 - Tommy G.

Woke up on the ocean floor
Monster's Mantras must have put me to a snore 
either or I'm only dreaming when I'm drowning
when this king reigns it poors
I need more oxygen, shots of gin
for the night out
to everything i haven't been
i got my javelin, I'm a knight owl
and people tell me my flow is quite foul
i need a light now
i'm side walking, no ones watching
but my watch says nine
always in a slightly psycho state of mind
be bold, keep it gold, gotta love this state of mine.
to fun i feel elusive and I'm usually reclusive 
but tonight lets freakin do this
give the turn up a trial
tho its not really my style
Mr. wittys' getting pretty wild.


So on this night out I'm a knight in dark armor
Yeah i promise never to harm her
But i said fuck it and dealt with the karma
Never go on
On this night out its a new type of livin'
I'm so sick and tired of advice I've been given
I need something new, I need something different
My head just keeps spinning it won't stop
So i act on my feelings aint no thoughts
I'm and animal actin on instinct alone
Just throw me this bone and let me be right
I aint comin' home tonight.

Verse 3 - Tommy G.

Whatsup with tonight? I'm down for suggestions
add some compression and learn all your lessons
im benchin depression right off of my chest and I'm no longer resting, I'm stronger- progression
Demons I'm bestin, i Flo like Progressive 
and got good insurance, you're really in for it
can you infer it?
"Tag! you're it", a lady does say as she smirks on her way,
we came to play
I chased her like rabbit she's grabbing my hair
and the rest of the story I'm not going there.

But I'm happy that beezy, smoking like bleezy, decided to tease me
oceans seas easing, fresh are for breathing
toxins are leaving, I'm only tone leading
she's sort of deceiving, 
but the torture is pleasing.