Stolen Photography (Camera Thief Verse)

by g.artista!

Woke up feeling cold this morning / Relapsing in my dreams its gotta be a warning / Cuz lately I've been sucking / Its time to clean out the vacuum bag and upgrade the technology cuz my attacks do lag/ No use for legs so delete the feet / Cuz they're feeling obsolete / The puzzles complete but it don't match the picture / The roots shook loose lets solidify the fixture / Were in cahoots but she gives me the boot / The misses to this mister, i miss her, lift her / Up to the pedestal / But the foundations unstable / Apply make up to disguise your fable / Cracks in the statue / God bless this boy, theres demons coming atchu! / storm then calm, Dope in palm / I'm a puller not a pusher / Getting deep with my dawgs like I'm a subwoofer.