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Atmosphere's newest album 'Southsiders', released May 5th, 2014, was another solid delivery from hip hop duo.

The Emcee Guru Slug takes your mind on a ride with his abstract comparisons and impressive story telling skills. I feel as if he is providing pieces of visual information and letting the listener's mind write plot. Its more than just words with Slug and thats why I have a great appreciation for the emcee's dedication to the craft and for remaining original while relaying life ups and downs via his voice.

Ant can't go unmentioned, for his production skills, style and sampling selection creates the trancing auditory canvas for his partner to paint with his exceptional 'Rhymesayer' abilities.

The duo remains nothing less than inspirational to me which is why I recorded a few bars over the intro to the album.


Woke up feeling cold this morning / Relapsing in my dreams its gotta be a warning / Cuz lately I've been sucking / Its time to clean out the vacuum bag and upgrade the technology cuz my attacks do lag/ No use for legs so delete the feet / Cuz they're feeling obsolete / The puzzles complete but it don't match the picture / The roots shook loose lets solidify the fixture / Were in cahoots but she gives me the boot / The misses to this mister, i miss her, lift her / Up to the pedestal / But the foundations unstable / Apply make up to disguise your fable / Cracks in the statue / God bless this boy, theres demons coming atchu! / Dope in palm, storm then calm / I'm a puller not a pusher / Getting deep with my dawgs like I'm a subwoofer.

Unfortunately, I was unable to upload it onto my go to audio sharing website due to 'Copyright Infringement'. Which lead to to creating a new account with as an alternative in order to bypass this annoyance. Copyrights are a topic I would like to dive deeper into at a later time.