back to the future_Fotor.jpg

Back to the Future

by g.artista!

This is a heavy erie instrumental i created using Logic Pro 9. Including a small snippet of Dr. Emmit Brown from the film to add a little flavor, hence the title which I found to be suiting with the mood of the beat as well.

I layered up my drum kicks, EQ'd and compressed them as usual but added an adaptive limiter to deal with red lining issues.

I've always been a big fan of the clap (as opposed to the snare, I don't have beef with the snare, we get along too) some people don't like it but music is about personal preference and exploring what your likes and interests are. I feel that in this case the erie sound I selected set an atmosphere appropriate for a clap.

I used the same clap but with Reverb, Echo, and a Denoiser in the intro in order to establish that 'Erie' vibe.

The high-hat style i used was inspired by Schoolboy Q and the Trap community. That 1/32nd subdivision yo!

*Remember silence is also an awesome tool, so when your getting stuck and/or frustrated remember that less is sometimes more! Drops are vital to a song. I love it when hip hop artists rhyme over a bar or two of silence then the beat comes knocking back in like the most reliable friend in the world. Gimme dat Bass!

Prepare for a sudden shift around bar 41 tho! Here I drop into a simple electronic rock guitar pattern and use a techno style pulsing kick accompanied with some kick build ups towards the end of the 4 bar loops. Similarly, I used a repetative crescendo clap following a similar pattern beginning at the 15th bar of the new variation. I used a school bell ringing sound effect with volume automation at bar 15 as well in order to a sense of 'build up' and to ease the transition into the Next variation in which the vocals following the drum pattern and it retains the pulsing techno vibe from the prior guitar rift variation. End.

My mind just couldn't be satisfied by my own beat! Mr.ADD  #Overstimulation

I hope that gives you some insight into my angle on how I approach an instrumental. Perhaps it can help you construct your own instrumentals with a better mental game plan. 

Please let me know what you think! :) if you want a copy to rhyme over, free downloads are available thru my Soundcloud account.

Tip: Remember to give your eyes and ears a rest every once in awhile! And Save, save, save your progress!