2014 Photo Cred: Dak Sedger


Hi, my name is...

Tommy G. 

Im here to share my sounds, my journey and anything to do with music :)

I am currently pursuing my Recording Arts, Digital Audio Production and Associates certificates, along with a self-paced Logic Pro 9 certification exam.

Right now, I am a full time student, enjoy Vinyasa yoga, writing, binge-watching t.v. shows and am focused on developing my creativity.

I have an EP written and am in the process of getting it mixed and mastered. Stay tuned for the Tommy G EP: An Unbalanced Boy =}

Flex that Text! Me at age 4.

So I remember as youngin' I started writing silly rhymes and "rapping"  them whilst riding in the back of Mom's mini-van. I also took piano lessons on and off until high school where I was introduced into production software. I began fooling with Fruity Loops, wandering to Reason with a dash of Pro Tools, and wound up on Logic Pro by Apple.

In middle school I drew DBZ, skated my a$$ off and wound up filming and editing home videos for my friends and I on Windows Movie Maker. Our crew was known as the Apples Soursand yeah its spelled wrong...so what? we were baddd ). Then, when I was in high school I learned to record audio tracks. So I began experimenting with composing my own instrumentals utilizing some basic piano skills. Eventually collaborating with like-minded individual's. 

"I didn't really feel rhythmically coordinated for years, but music is math and I was good at math…".

Currently I am taking college classes pursuing a degree in Audio Recording. 

I am here to express, connect, develop my craft and grow my creativity with everyone.

Shine that Light.